Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant Salary Information

Becoming a physical therapist can take a significant investment of time and money.  The licensure and certification process is rigorous following the extensive course work that is required for a degree in physical therapy.  Becoming a physical therapist assistant, however, takes far less time, which means that you can start earning money more quickly in your career, and you will probably be left holding onto a smaller student loan once you finish your schooling and training.  Depending on your career goals and aspirations, one of these choices may be more attractive than … Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of a Career as a Physical Therapist

Many people quickly add physical therapist to their list of possible career choices, usually because they enjoy helping people and because a physical therapist salary is desirable to most.  But, before deciding to undertake this challenging feat, it may be important to think about the various pros and cons related to a physical therapist career.


  • High level of education.  You will gain advanced knowledge in many areas of health and science.
  • Excellent job opportunities.  Physical therapists are in high demand.
  • Working in a career that helps people.  Many people find the human service professions to be very rewarding … Continue Reading

How to Get a Job as a Pediatric Physical Therapist

Physical therapy involves the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions that are related to mobility, balance, strength, ambulation and independence.  Pediatric physical therapist jobs have some additional duties in the job description, as this type of physical therapist employment involves using clinical expertise to help children reach their maximum potential in school, home and community settings.  Pediatric physical therapist jobs are found in schools, hospitals, clinics, private practice and anywhere that children ages birth through adolescence may obtain services.  As with any type of physical therapist employment, … Continue Reading

What Do Sports Therapist Jobs Involve?

Sports therapists are professionals who are involved with examining, diagnosing and treating the orthopedic injuries of physically active people and athletes.  The general goal of a sports therapist is to minimize interruption of training and prevent future injuries.  Sports therapists have duties that are similar to a physical therapist job description.

A sports therapist is a person who will do physical therapy that is specific to a particular sport or activity.  A sports therapist job can involve working for a certain team or for multiple clients.  Athletes are often expected to play with a great deal of pain, or when injured, … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist Assistant

A day in the life of a physical therapist assistant, or PTA, offers variety, one-on-one interaction with patients from all walks of life, and the satisfaction of having spent a day filled with purpose. A physical therapist assistant’s duties vary from moment to moment, and each day is different from the next. Working under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, they are responsible for carrying out each patient’s individualized plan of care. Though their patients rotate in and out, physical therapist assistants enjoy the opportunity of getting to see each one as an individual with a totally new set … Continue Reading

Why Should You Choose a Physical Therapist Career?

When deciding if you should choose a physical therapist career, there are quite a few benefits that can lead to an extremely rewarding and satisfying professional life with time left over for a rejuvenating personal life. Physical therapist employment offers extremely gratifying experiences, job flexibility, desirable salaries and the absence of a mundane routine. These tremendous benefits are sought by many and achieved by few in today’s stressful work world.

If you enjoy meeting interesting people, you will find that a physical therapist career will allow you to work with individuals of all ages and all walks of life. Coming into … Continue Reading

Why Should a Physical Therapist Use Job Search Engine Instead of or

At one point, everyone has felt the stress and frustration of searching for a job online. On a typical job search engine you can waste hours scrolling through limitless search results that do not match your criteria. In fact, most results that show up do not even come close. These search engines are typically popular sites, such as and, which cater to the general public and provide search results for jobs in every known industry. While they are effective in delivering hundreds of results for any search term, these results are oftentimes far from what you would expect. … Continue Reading So you want to be a Physical Therapist?

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a physical therapist, and have decided that a career in physical therapy would be both rewarding and a welcome shift away from other monotonous or dull professions. Or maybe you have a science or medical background, and you’ve considered acquiring the proper training to enter the exciting field of physical therapy, but are still uncertain about taking a positive step in this direction for your career.

There are many reasons why one might be interested in learning more about becoming a physical therapist, and would like to guide you through the necessary steps toward a … Continue Reading

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